Snap on ferrite core AMR R5 for up to 11mm diameter



The parameters of this snap on core make it ideal for RFI suppression not only on the coaxial cables, but also on datacarrier and other types of cables with the diameter up to 11mm. It`s used on coaxial cables (e.g. between the transciever and power amplifier or between the power amplifier and antenna switch). For the best RFI suppression it is recommended to use several pieces on a single cable.

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2,00 €

2,00 €

2,00 € per ks

Data sheet

Weight19 g
Used forRFI suppression
Dimensions (Size)20,6 x 11 x 36 mm
ModelAMR R5 snap on
Max dia. of cable11mm

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Advantages over other snap on brands:

The advantage of this snap on core is the lack of teeth, which otherwise bite into the cable and in doing so damage the insulation. To prevent movement of the core on the cable, the core must be secured with a zip tie , which is provided in the package.