Slide on ferrite core for coaxial cables



The parameters of this slide-on core make its use ideal for RFI suppression or for current balun construction for the antenna. Due to its size (17,5x10,7x28,5mm), the core fits perfectly on any coaxial cable with the diameter not more than 10mm (e.g. RG213, CNT400, LMR400, H1000 and etc.).

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1,50 €

1,50 € per ks

Data sheet

Weight23 g
Used forRFI suppression
Dimensions (Size)17,5 x 10,7 x 28,5 mm
ModelAMR R4 slide on
Max dia. of cable10mm

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We suggest:

If you want to build a current balun for lower bands up to 40m, we recommend using 13 pcs. of slide on cores.

When building a wideband current balun (80 to 10m), the recommended quantity is 9 slide on cores on the coax.

For the 20 and 10m bands current balun, you`ll need only 6 cores.

We advise you to follow these building instructions from our personnal experience:

1.To begin we prepare the following: 4pcs. of stronger zip ties, shrinking tubing with atleast 3cm inside diameter with needed lenght (lenght calculated by the count of cores+8cm)
2.We slide the prepared cores on the cable right next to each other.
3.Measure the lenght of the slid on cores and add 8cm.
4.Then we cut the shrinking tube to the total lenght from the last step.
5.Following this we slide the shrink tube on the cores so, that on each side will be 4cm of tube not covering the cores.
6.After that heat up your gas burner or electric heater gun and carefully heat shrink the tube along the full lenght.
7.When the now shrinked tubing cools down, we use the zip ties, two on both ends (one right at the step by the core and the 2nd 0,5cm from the end of tubing).
8.Now if you followed thru, you now built a current balun.