Off center fed multiband antenna V2 for 80-40-30-20-17-15-12-10m 6:1 1200W SSB



Off center fed multiband antenna for 80 - 40 - 30 - 20 - 17 - 15 - 12 - 10 meter bands with frequency ranges of 3500kHz to 3800kHz, 7000kHz to 7200kHz, 10100kHz to 10150kHz, 14000kHz to 14350kHz, 18068kHz to 18168kHz, 21000kHz to 21450kHz, 24890kHz to 24990kHz and 28000kHz to 29700kHz with overall length of 41.5 meters (~ 136 ft.), with a model 1200W 6:1 ratio balun

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108,00 €

108,00 € per ks

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Frequency range3500 - 3800kHz 7000 kHz - 7200 kHz 10100kHz - 10150kHz 14000 kHz - 14350 kHz 18068kHz - 18168kHz 21000kHz - 21450kHz 24890kHz - 24990kHz 28000 kHz - 29700kHz
Working band of the antennaApprox.100 kHz for SWR less than 2 (depends ont the placement of the antenna in space)
Arms length27.7m/ ~91ft., 13.8m/ ~45ft., 9.4m/ ~31ft., 4.7m/ ~ 15ft.
Overall length41.5 meters (~ 136 ft.)
Gain0 dBd for the 80 meter band
Maximum power load1200 W PEP SSB
Antenna feed50 ohm coaxial cable
Mounting heightnot less then 14 meters (~ 45 feet) (the higher, the better)
Weight2,34 Kg

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The materials used to build this antenna have been selected with an emphasis on the best electrical and mechanical properties, and resistance against outside weather conditions. An equally important factor is the durability of these properties in the future.

For the dipole arms a hardened and prestressed copper line with a cross-section of 2,5sqmm and a harder PVC isolation is used.

On the box side of the dipole arm the wire is tipped with an eye for a M4 screw (made by ZES Dolny Kubin).

It is isolated by a shrink tube on both sides. The mechanical connection with the balun is made with a simple wire loop secured with a duplex wire clamp and, on the hanging rope side, a ceramic isolator (type 16C01 made by MFJ is used), also secured with a duplex wire clamp.

The antenna balun with a ratio of 6:1 and a maximum power rating of 1200W PEP SSB is made from a waterproof box of IP56 made by SCAME, model 686.205.

On both sides of the box are screws with closed hook ends, the screws are of size M5, made from anticorrosion steel for long time lasting loads.

A brand name SO239 connector is used, with teflon diaelectricum and gold plated middle socket, bolted to the box via anticorrosion steel screws and nuts.

The balun transformer is wound on a ferite toroid core model AMR R2 with the respective measurments of (outer x inner x height) 50 x 25 x 20 mm.

The arms of the dipole are electrically connected to the transformer through a pair of M4 screws and nuts on both sides of the box.

The connector on the antenna serves only to electrically connect with the coaxial cable. For bearing the coaxial cable, use the attached rope. (with inner core made by LANEX).
After the antenna is tuned, it is required to insulate the ends of the arms with shrink tubing to prevent water intrusion.
The warranty does not cover damage made by overloading the balun with more power than specified on the balun`s label.