OM0A Viliam: "I was very pleasantly delighted by the precise manufacture of the antenna. The antenna has been pre-tuned, installation took only a few minutes. It works great! "

OM8BU Rado:"I have with Rado OM0AMR experiences since 2011. My dream was to have an antenna for the 80m band, which I can tune in, which will radiate most of the power to aether and won`t provoke my neighbours with it`s looks or the RF energy marching trough an apartment buiding. I got from him an EFHW antenna for the 80m band. It is hanging from the balcony on the 6th floor to a nearby tree. The free end of the dipole end in a free space about 10 meters above ground. I am using up to 100W of power and from the former Czechoslovakia i`ve never gotten a worser report than 59.
The antenna is very good around Europe, talks and listens up to the Ural and early in the morning I can do the east coast and Caribean islands.. A 100% satisfaction for an invisible antenna with 100W. P.S.: The antenna is a S I N G L E B A N D"

OM3WYB Jano:"I`m already using Radovan`s OM0AMR antennas for several years.
The first antenna that I tried was a EFHW antenna for the 80m band. The antenna has proven it self and to this day I`m still using her as a portable antenna in my garden in Bardejov and on occasional trips. It`s really a great and simple antenna, which will surprise even a skilled ham.
I`ve been testing and to this day I`m also using an OCF antenna type FD4, a multiband antenna usefull at the home qth or for portable. The SWR of the antenna on individual bands was between 1.2 to 1.8. But the antenna needs to be atleast 10m above ground and a much open space away from buildings, then it works good on all bands.
The last antenna from Radovan`s workshop, which I already use for several years is the Delta loop for the 80 to 10m bands. The antenna is hanging between the trees on my portable and contest QTH in Nizna Polianka KN09RK, 8 meters above ground. It is a really wonderfull antenna for 80m and above and has a great SWR on all bands (including WARC and 6m). I recommend this antenna to all who have enough space, because on my two portable locations I`m running only on batteries and with this antenna I discovered the magic of QRP on 80m, but also at everyday local and DX QSLs on other bands.
Antennas from Radovan are made on professional level, mechanically very good constructed with outstanding parameters and you will be satissfied as much as I am."