An antenna is a device for recieving and /or transmiting (mainly radio) electromagnetic waves trough natural mediums (air, water, earth, etc.). It is a system of conductors, by which the energy of elelctromagnetic radiation is converted to HF currents recieving antenna) and vice-versa (transmiting antenna).

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  • Dipole Antennas
    The dipole or more specificaly the dipole antenna is the primary type of antenna for recieving and transmitting of radio waves. The dipole has an even number of symetrical arms and because it is fed by an asymmetrical koaxial cable, a balun must be used.
  • Off Center Fed Antennas

    Off Center Fed Antennas known as OCF use a specific feed point on the line, where favourable conditions from several SW bands meet to connect a coaxial feed thru an UNUN.

  • Multiband Loop Antennas

    Loop antennas are sometimes called "quiet". They are favoured because of their interesting radiation pattern, which helps eliminating all kinds of noise and they have a higher gain against the common dipole (1,29 dBd). A loop antenna needs a bigger space and 3 suspension points for instalation.

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Showing 25 - 36 of 43 items