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What others say

OM0A Viliam: "I was very pleasantly delighted by the precise manufacture of the antenna. The antenna has been pre-tuned, installation took only a few minutes. It works great! "

OM8BU Rado:"I have with Rado OM0AMR experiences since 2011. My dream was to have an antenna for the 80m band, which I can tune in, which will radiate most of the power to aether and won`t provoke my neighbours with it`s looks or the RF energy marching trough an apartment buiding. I got from him an EFHW antenna for the 80m band. It is hanging from the balcony on the 6th floor to a nearby tree. The free end of the dipole end in a free space about 10 meters above ground. I am using up to 100W of power and from the former Czechoslovakia i`ve never gotten a worser report than 59.
The antenna is very good around Europe, talks and listens up to the Ural and early in the morning I can do the east coast and Caribean islands.. A 100% satisfaction for an invisible antenna with 100W. P.S.: The antenna is a S I N G L E B A N D"