• The parameters of this snap on core make it ideal for RFI suppression not only on the coaxial cables, but also on datacarrier and other types of cables with the diameter up to 11mm. It`s used on coaxial cables (e.g. between the transciever and power amplifier or between the power amplifier and antenna switch). For the best RFI suppression...

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  • The parameters of this slide-on core make its use ideal for RFI suppression or for current balun construction for the antenna. Due to its size (17,5x10,7x28,5mm), the core fits perfectly on any coaxial cable with the diameter not more than 10mm (e.g. RG213, CNT400, LMR400, H1000 and etc.).

    1,50 €
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    54,00 €

    Off center fed multiband antenna for 40 - 20 - 10 meter bands with frequency ranges of 7000kHz to 7200kHz, 14000kHz to 14350kHz, and 28000kHz to 29700kHz with overall length of 20.5 meters (~ 67 ft.) (arms length: 13.65m/ ~45ft., 6.8m/ ~22ft.), with 0dBd gain on 40m band. A maximum power load of 300W PEP SSB with the 4:1 ratio balun

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    The balun transformer is wound  on a ferite toroid core. This antenna balun is placed in a waterproof box with  IP65. A more solidly made  SO239 connector is used, with DAP diaelectricum. Transformation ratio: 1:1, maximum power load: 300W PEP SSB

    34,00 €

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What others say

OM0A Viliam: "I was very pleasantly delighted by the precise manufacture of the antenna. The antenna has been pre-tuned, installation took only a few minutes. It works great! "

OM8BU Rado:"I have with Rado OM0AMR experiences since 2011. My dream was to have an antenna for the 80m band, which I can tune in, which will radiate most of the power to aether and won`t provoke my neighbours with it`s looks or the RF energy marching trough an apartment buiding. I got from him an EFHW antenna for the 80m band. It is hanging from the balcony on the 6th floor to a nearby tree. The free end of the dipole end in a free space about 10 meters above ground. I am using up to 100W of power and from the former Czechoslovakia i`ve never gotten a worser report than 59.
The antenna is very good around Europe, talks and listens up to the Ural and early in the morning I can do the east coast and Caribean islands.. A 100% satisfaction for an invisible antenna with 100W. P.S.: The antenna is a S I N G L E B A N D"